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The way you dress is the way you are addressed With Patterson N. Ohaegbu

The issue of indecent dressing has remained incredibly heart-pricking to the society as it has been a great tsunami that is gradually swallowing up the real adorable beauty of decent dressing. The biblical injunction, “Your body is the temple of God, You must keep it sanctified and respect God’s command to keep it Holy and properly clothed” has remained unreasonable to the mind of those who have accepted to be cowards and touts due to a vow to remain on the track of indecency.

Your appearance has a lot to talk about you. It is the only fruit that people can see and predict your inside. If you dress mad, you are mad. If you appear shabby, you are stupid. If you dress nude, you are a Harlot. If you dress half-nude, you are idiot/way-ward. These, among others, are the conclusion in the mind of the people. Therefore, you are taken and addressed based on these conclusions.

Note: Dress simple and neat, so that your real beauty will manifest. The masquerading appearance with too many colour-bands fighting one another is confusing. Sometimes, you mask your face with excessive make-ups and look strange from your adorable natural beauty. It is so frightening and fierce when one sees the pussy-cat eye-lid and lip-stick coupled with wet-lips which makes it more watery and tend to overflow your lips.

Again, it is now a sorry state and so dangerous that ladies have taken over pant-sag concept from boys when we are shouting and praying God to do something. What really forms the motive of these ruffians and radicals of this dress-madness is deduced to be nothing than destruction; Or can it be taken to be beauty, or attractiveness or a kind of distraction that leads to total destruction?

Where is the base of the brains behind these madness? I mean the tailors. Someone said, “if the portion of the Wearers of these clothes is 1% in hellfire, that of the Sewers of thee clothes will be multiplied by seven”. Beloved, it is never the way. It is against your Maker (God Almighty). Stop it.The Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Hajia Zainab Maina

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