Preacher stresses forgiveness

Christians have been enjoined to forgive one another of their offences against them in order to enjoy God’s forgiveness as enshrined in Our Lord’s prayer.

A preacher at a sermon to mark the end of the recent Women’s August Meeting of Christ Anglican Church, Umuahii-Mbieri gave the advice recently.

The preacher, Hon Ishmael Njoku, who is also the Pastor’s Warden of the Church, noted that man’s weakness leads him to sin, hence he advised Christians to seek the intervention of the Holy Spirit to save them from sinning.

Using himself as a reference point, the preacher said he had forgiven those who offended him in the past and urged members of the congregation to do the same since, according to him, “the kingdom of God has no room for hatred”.

The service conducted by the resident priest, Rev Kenneth Udemba, featured special thanksgiving by the home and abroad women of the Church led by their president, Mrs Chimgozirim Njoku.


The service featured village steward competition in which Umudurueze Village bagged the first position out of the six villages in Umuahii – Mbieri.

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