Police chase worshippers out of church

There has been another case of Anglicans in Zimbabwe being attacked and beaten by armed police.

On Sunday police with ‘vicious dogs’ drove worshippers out of churches in Chivhu that were taking part in the Diocese of Masvingo’s tenth anniversary celebrations.

Ex-communicated bishop Nolbert Kunonga has been blamed for the attack. Having set up a breakaway church, the former bishop has been intimidating church-goers and seizing Anglican properties, some of which have been turned into brothels or rented out as private schools for profit.

Fr David Magurupira and Anglican priests who are following the proceedings closely told us: ‘Kunonga came with heavily-armed police and vicious dogs and drove away all Anglicans from their church buildings. They unleashed terror like hell. People were beaten. There was chaos, with people screaming, crying for help and running in all directions.’

Anglicans canvassed to support Mugabe in elections.

Meanwhile, with Zimbabwe preparing for forthcoming elections, Fr David said some Anglicans were being pressed to support President Mugabe’s party Zanu-PF by Mugabe’supported Kunonga and Elson Jakazi, the ex-communicated former Bishop of Manicaland.

Fr David said: We are in the worst situation because Kunonga and Jakazi are trying to force Anglicans to preach about Zanu-PF and vote for Mugabe in the next elections. Please do pray for us.’

Fr David added that Zanu-PF politicians had been visiting churches, talking about peace and non-violence, and pressing church leaders for votes.

He said: ‘One wonders which violence these politicians are talking about.

‘Anglicans are languishing outside their church buildings because of the same leaders who now want churches to vote them into power.’

USPG Chief Executive Janette O’Neill said: ‘This is shocking news. Our thoughts and prayers, as always, as with our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe.

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