Bishop calls for repair of Nkwo-Orji-Mbieri Road

The Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt Rev. Cyril Okorocha, PhD, last Wednesday in his office held a pre-synod press briefing in which he made a passionate appeal to government to repair the Nkworji-Obazu-Orie Mbieri Road which has been in a terrible state of disrepair for over a decade.

The road leads to the venue of the Owerri Diocesan Synod for 2012, Holy Trinity Church, Obazu-Mbieri and the bishop recalled that the road was in the same deplorable state when the Synod was held at the same venue ten years ago as none of the succeeding administrations in the state had repaired  it.

He counseled those in government and indeed all citizens to strive to make impact on the lives of their fellow men when they are in positions to do so as “opportunity comes but once”.

On the institution of the Synod in the Anglican Church, the bishop explained that the Anglican Church is episcopally-led and synodically-governed.

Bishop Okorocha pointed out that no one person dictates what happens in the Anglican Church as the governing body comprises the House of Bishops, the House of the Clergy and the House of the Laity take decisions at the synods for implementation by bishops.

On the theme of the Synod “The Gospel of Our Salvation; what is it and how is it”, he stressed the need for the salvation of the nation through the good news adding that such could not come about when people opt for mediocrity in leadership through bribery and corruption.

Answering a question on gay marriage, Bishop Okorocha asserted that African Anglicans do not support immorality adding that the 1998 Lambeth conference communiqué of which he helped to daft stated that the only authorized sexual relationship is that between one male and one female in marriage which Bishop Okorocha said is the official stand of the Anglican Church.

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