Heaven not for kidnappers, treasury looters

The Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha PhD, has stressed the importance of restitution as a prerequisite for getting positive answers to our prayers.

Speaking in a Radio Nigeria Heartland FM programme, Evangelical Hon, Bishop Okorocha reminded Christians that God does not hear the prayer of sinners, as stated on the Bible and so prayers of an unrepentant sinner is usually not answered.

The Prelate, who spoke on “The Power of Prayers in the salvation of a people”, preparatory to the Diocesan Synod coming up on Thursday, described prayer as something that must take place in a better relationship with God.

He sounded it loud and clear to all kidnappers and treasury looters that heaven might not be for them except they repent.

He observed that no kidnapper, thief or any other person engaged in sinful acts is a happy man, but added that the moment the one turns back to God, his happiness returns.

Answering a question on Jesus’ anger in the temple, the prelate said that Jesus by that act, condemned religion of convenience.

He frowned at some preachers who place money at the forefront, reminding Christians that Jesus said “you cannot serve God and money at the same time.”

He linked the concept of 666, the mark of the beast, to money, arguing that money is the only thing without which one cannot buy or sell, and so can be referred to as the mark of the Beast.

“I am saying to you all out there, those who preach that 666 is credit cards and so on, 666 is there in your home”, the Bishop said.

He lamented that these days people have exchanged God for money and therefore advised that Christians should avoid congregations that applaud money over and above the true word of God.

The bishop said that there is a difference between incantations and prayer, saying that prayer should take the from of a child talking to the father.

Children of God, he said are not supposed to live in fear of those who, they claim, have locked up their destiny, adding that Jesus came to set all free.

However, the Bishop stated that for the Christian to tap from the goodness of God he must be doing what God says he must do, Christianity, he said, is different from what he termed “Churchianity”.

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