It is sad that many people have strayed into hell or are heading to hell in their search for miracles, “miracles” that come from the wrong places and which do not last, “miracles” that end up being “the more you look, the less you see”, “miracles” that amount to “bring one head and take another head”.

Okoro pleaded “Not Guilty” to a charge of stealing yams. Asked why he pleaded “not guilty” when he was seen uprooting Obi’s yam, he said he thought it was cassava which he went there to harvest. How does cassava look like yam? Why did he not see that cassava stems are different from yam tendrils? Why did he go to a yam farm instead of a cassava farm?

Many people today are like Okoro. Today, they are reaping magic instead of miracles because they have gone to the wrong places to look for miracles. The altar is red! The candles are red! The “prophet” is dressed in red, with a red band on the head! “Holy!” comes his shout. Then the bell goes. He scampers around like the mosquito. He groans! What does the “spirit” say? “You will bring a tortoise, vulture’s head and fanta, for a sacrifice in the midnight at a four-corner junction, after which you will get your miracle”. Or, “Your miracle is a few inches away from you but the holy spirit’ said you will first sleep with me”. For where? Can’t you open your eyes and see?

John wants money! He is told that as soon as he donates his father or mother for sacrifice to a shrine, he would receive his miracles! He is told there will be plenty of money growing in his wardrobe. Which miracle is that? Can’t he open his eyes and see that some agents of Satan are at it again? That god that sucks human blood to give money must be a vampire. That god that will not make you rich unless you agree to living a short life is satanic!

Joshua said to the Israelites, “If it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods of which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:15).

I say to you, brethren, “Choose you this day whom you shall serve. As for my family and I, we shall serve the God of miracles”.

You must open your eyes this day and choose whom to serve. There are magicians all over the place with their hands spread out for those who will choose to serve them. Do not think you heard the last of sorcerers when you heard of Elymas the sorcerer (Act. 13:18). They are not hiding themselves any more. Choose you this day whom you will serve! As for my family and I, we will serve the God of miracles, the Lord of hosts, maker of heaven and earth, and of all things under the earth.

I do not want you to make mistakes. Watch out! They can make their magic look so real. But watch out for all those things that show the difference between June and July. At least, one comes before the other and while one ends with “ne”, the other ends with “ly”. Moreover, by their fruits, you shall know them!

Remember the encounter of Moses and Aaron with Pharaoh! When God sent them to Pharaoh, and Pharaoh demanded a miracle, Moses asked Aaron to cast his rod on the ground. He did so and it turned into a serpent. The Bible says that Pharaoh also called out his wise men, sorcerers and magicians who also cast their rods on the ground and they became serpents. This is what I said earlier that they can make their magic and sorcery look like miracles. But the difference is that the snake of Moses, a product of genuine miracle of God, swallowed up all the other snakes (Ex.7:8-12). Oh my God! This God that can make one rod swallow all other rods is the God of miracles. He is the one I will serve. Pray, brethren, pray! Pray that the God of miracles makes your rod swallow up all the other rods that have gathered against you in Jesus name, Amen!

Take notice also that even when the same staff of Moses and Aaron was used to turn the Rivers in Egypt into blood, Pharaoh’s wise men, sorcerers and magicians, did the same with their enchantments (Ex.7:19-22). So beware! They will tell you they are the second sons of God. They may even tell you that they are a reincarnation of the Christ. They will try to prove that they can do with their enchantments what Moses could do with his staff. They will even carry the staff about to make you believe they are another Moses. They will tell you to serve them and receive your miracles. Do not!

The Golden calf was not a God of miracles. No! It was made by the hands of man from earrings and necklaces (Exo. 32:1-4). Baal was also not a God of miracles. No! It did not answer its prophets in their encounter with Elijah at Mount Carmel. It was there when its prophets were slaughtered at the Brook Kishon like cows and it could not as much as utter a word (1Ki .18:140).

Baal was there when Gideon tore down its altar and cut the wooden image beside it. It did not do anything. And when Gideon was surrendered to its mercy, to fight and kill, to avenge the shame or disgrace done to it by him, it could not do anything (Jdg. 6:25-32).

Brethren, the God that answered Elijah by fire is a God of miracles. He is the one my family and I will serve. What about you? The Bible says that Elijah called upon the Lord and asked Him to prove Himself so that the people would know that He is the Lord God, and that God immediately answered by fire. I tell you this day! This same God of miracles will, if you believe, answer you by fire and prove to your enemies that He is the Lord, your God of miracles.

The God that took the Israelites across the Red Sea and drowned Pharaoh and his chariots men pursuing after them, is the God of miracles. He is indeed my God. He is capable of making a way for you where there seems to be no way.

The God who made the River Jordan stand still and make  way for the easy passage of the Israelites (Josh.3), and also made the walls of Jericho fall down flat for the sake of the Israelites (Josh.6:20) is my God of miracles. He is capable of opening all doors locked against you. He is capable of fighting those who are poised to fight you to death. This God is able to take you to the height he wants you to reach. I pray that this day, all the barricades against you and your life, your progress, breakthroughs and happiness shall be broken in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Do you remember the burning bush? The bush got burnt but the leaves were not consumed! Do you remember how Paul and Silas sang in the prison and the prison was shaken, and the chains with which their legs were fastened got broken (Act.16:16-26)? Do you remember how the disciples prayed and Peter was released from the prison, even to their astonishment (Acts.12)? Do you remember how He raised His son, Jesus Christ from the dead after three days thus giving us victory over death? (Lk.24; John.20)?  Do you remember how He took the Israelites through the desert for forty years, yet neither their sandals nor dresses got worn out or torn on them (Deut.29:5)? Only one person could have done all these. He is the God of miracles whom we must all choose to serve. To choose Him is to choose life. To choose any god, no matter its name and location, is to choose death.

I do not know what your problem is! Come to the God of miracles with it and leave it on His broad shoulders! Think of those who came to this God in the past. Think of Hannah, the mother of Samuel! She came to the Lord with her problemand childlessness and the Lord brought down His miracle upon her and she had children (1 Sa. 1:1-20; 1 Sa. 2:21). The same God of miracle gave Sarai a son, Isaac, after her age of menopause (Gen.21:1-5).  He gave many women who, humanly speaking, had been adjudged barren, their own children. If you are looking for the fruit of the womb, you have to depend on the God of miracles. If He did it to the women mentioned above, you have no reason to think that He cannot do the same for you. He can do it for you, yes, He can, because He is the God of miracles!

Are you sick? Has your sickness defied medical definition and healing? You must not give up on yourself. You must turn over your sickness to the God of miracles and expect your miracles. Remember, no one, I repeat, no one not even yourself, can write you off if the Lord has not written you off. Even when it seems to you that you are about to breathe your last, you must learn to confess positively and say as David said, “Surely, I shall not die but live to declare the goodness of the Lord”. (Ps. 118:17). The Bible says that “the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, nor his ear heavy, that it cannot hear” (Isa.59:1). Call upon Him in your time of tribulations with a humble and repented heart and His miracles will be your portion.

At this juncture, two songs keep coming to my mind. I want us to sing them together, starting with the first one. Let us go! “I am serving a God of miracles, I know, yes I know; I am serving a God of miracles, I know, yes I know”.

Let us sing the second one! Together, let us sing, “God of miracles, na my papa oo, God of miracles, na my papa oo.”

If you really sang the above songs with us, then you have two questions to answer. Firstly, can you say with all honesty that you are serving a God of miracles? Or are you serving other gods from whom you are expecting miracles that would never come? I ask these questions because we all know ourselves better than any other person knows us. I am also aware that the Bible clearly warns that no one can mock the Lord (Gal. 6:7). No, no one can mock Him. He knows and sees all we do, even when we do them in the most secret places.

The second question is this: “Is God of miracles really your father? Or do you have any other as your father? If you do not have God of miracles as your father and really choose to serve Him, your miracle has been stolen by the devil.

Finally, let us resolve from now henceforth to serve this God of Miracles who has proved Himself worthy in all things. If you leave the one whom it is certain will not do you “poopiii” (deceive or fail you) and root for those who themselves need miracles, you will have yourself to blame in the end. Do not say I did not warn you!


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