Bishop’s Foundation for Mission and Development: Support for a noble cause

Among the highlights of today’s closing ceremony of the 2012 Owerri Diocesan Synod at Holy Trinity Church, (HTC), Obazu-Mbieri, is the launching of the Bishop’s Foundation for Mission and Development (BFMD), a brain-child of the Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha, PhD.

Right from the inception of his episcopacy, the bishop felt that through the resources of the foundation, he would be able to accomplish more efficiently the charity aspect of his ministry quite distinct from the traditional resource of the church.

And the result of this innovative arrangement has been outstanding with water, medical, education projects and schemes dotted all over the diocese and beyond.

On of the hallmarks of the BFMD is the Mirindu project under which water bore-holes have been drilled in churches in Owerri Diocese to supply free water to church neighborhoods to serve all irrespective of faith and creed in the communities.

That apart, through the foundation, a state-of-the-art medical centre at Uzii Mission Compound, a scholarship scheme for indigent students and priests, schools such as the Peace Centre College at New Owerri and the Ogwa Technical School have been established.

Houses have been built for some church workers in their homes by the foundation while Christian Voice Newspaper was floated by the same foundation.  The list is inexhaustible.

A body that has accomplished such a level of generous and charitable deeds deserves the support of everyone to achieve more.

That is why we urge all to respond positively to the launching of the Bishop’s Foundation for Mission and Development today.

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