Happy Birthday, Owelle

Events marking the 50th birthday celebration of Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, came to a rousing end last Tuesday at the impressive Heroes’ Square built by the governor, last Tuesday.

The programme equally encompassed the 10th anniversary celebration of the Rochas Foundation Colleges with campuses across Nigeria founded by the governor to specifically offer free education to indigent children from Nigeria and beyond.

Understandably, the turn-out at the event, apart from the unprecedented numbers, had a global dimension with the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvengarai as well as a delegation from the United States, also in attendance.

The golden anniversary of a man like Governor Okorocha who, through his free education scheme to poor children, has touched the lives and changed the fortunes of over 5000 indigent Nigerian families, is worth celebrating.

Reputed to have the trait of a genius right from childhood, Governor Okorocha has brought this  antecedent to bear in governance.

It is beyond dispute that his performance since assuming office about 17 months ago has surpassed the achievements of his successors in the last 13 years. Within this period, Imo State has turned into a massive construction site of a sort with road, school, health and other projects being simultaneously executed across the state.

But the climax of it all is the provision of free education at primary and secondary school levels as well as massive scholarship awards to Imo students in state-owned tertiary institutions.

Governor Okorocha’s zeal to succeed is indisputable. This, however, tends not to give room for sufficient delegation of powers which in turn could lead to thoroughlessness to some extent and sometimes, to policy summersaults.

That notwithstanding, all the indices strongly point to the fact that Governor Okorocha will leave behind a brand of government that would be a model long after his tenure.


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