Stay away from crime scene

In a bizarre development, some Imo citizens in recent times, have turned into enthusiastic spectators at scenes of crime, even hailing the miscreants while committing their nefarious activities.

The State police command is not amused by this one bit and has warned that such people were courting grievous harm to themselves as they could be hit by stray bullets during the exchange of gunshots by the police and hoodlums.

Besides, the criminals could use such a gathering as human shield which could deter the police from returning fire.

In a release signed by the PPRO, DSP Vitalis Onugu, the Imo Police Command advised people to “steer clear completely from any crime scene for the interest of public safety, public order and for their own safety”.

The release, however, assured the citizens of the state that the police is prepared to meet all security challenges in the months ahead and urged them to go about their   lawful pursuits as parents and guardians are also advised to warm their children and wards to stay away from scenes of crime for their safety.

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