Cleric blames Western media for negative reports about Anglicans By Rev Canon Richard Kew

The overwhelming majority of Christians in the West are intensely against same-sex marriage but the Western media have given prominence to the vocal but very few proponents of same-sex marriage.

This clarification was made recently by Rev Richard Kew, a Briton, in an interview with Christian Voice.

Rev. Kew who was the preacher at the recently-concluded Owerri Diocesan Synod at H.T.C, Obazu-Mbieri, was at Christian Voice office with the Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha, PhD and his wife, Mrs Rosemary Kew.

He accused the Western press of being hostile to Christians “because they reflect secular values” adding that it was why they have created the impression among Africans that same-sex marriage is accepted in Europe and United States by the majority.

The preacher who was preferred Canon of the Cathedral of Owerri Diocese at the Synod disclosed that a group, Coalition for Marriage led by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Carey, has massive support among Christians, Jews and non-Christians of like mind.

Buttressing the point, Bishop Okorocha, recalled that a budding Labour Party leader in Britain met with public disapproval over his marital status as the public questioned his qualification to lead Britain as he co-habited with a woman, forcing him to formally normalize the marriage through proper marriage.

The prelate further noted that some Christian leaders, especially in Nigeria, tend to over-stress the homosexual issues in the West as if it is more unbiblical than the sin of election-rigging in society and churches, corruption, adultery and other unwholesome acts by church leaders, especially.

He cited the recent case in which an Anglican Bishop wedded what he referred to as “a stolen wife” to a prominent politicians/top retired army general from the Northern part of Nigeria in his house amidst public outcry describing such as unbiblical and a dent on the image of the Anglican Church.

Rev Kew commended the clergy in Owerri Diocese and their wives which he said was a reflection of the high quality of the leadership of the Diocese.

The priest, a lecturer in Cambridge University who supervised the training of the Bishop’s Senior Chaplain, Ven Zion Ngoka, at the famous institution, reiterated the special relationship between Owerri Diocese and Cambridge University adding that he looked forward to welcoming other students from Owerri Diocese next academic session.

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