Knight delisted for alleged misconduct By Nick Chibunna

A Knight in the Anglican Diocese of Ikeduru (names with-held) has been de-listed from the Order of Saint Christopher by the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Emma Maduwike on allegation of behaving in a way unbecoming of people called to serve God and humanity in privileged positions.

Coming barely two months after a priest was defrocked in the Anglican Diocese on-the-Lake for alleged activities unbecoming of a priest, it underscores the determination of the bishops in Owerri Ecclesiastical Province to sanitise the orders.

The sledge hammer fell on the errant Knight through a letter by the Bishop to the President of Ikeduru Council of Knights which was read at the council’s last business meeting.

In the letter, the Bishop who is also the Knight Superior of the Diocese, warned that the Diocese under his watch, would not condone indiscipline and laxity among those he said were expected to lead others to Christ.

By the order, the affected Knight was expected to handover all the paraphemalia of his Knighthood including uniforms, sword and staff.

According to sources, the Knight who seemed to have been taken unawares, was present when the letter was being read although he was said to have maintained a clam disposition.

Though the nature of the affected Knight’s misdeeds were not disclosed, Christian Voice understood that the bishop had taken the action after thorough investigations based on allegations against him.

According to sources, it was alleged that the Knight in the name of praying and counseling people, is suspected to have links fetish deities for which he was said to have become too powerful over his peers and relations.