The flood menace

The Federal Government’s prompt reaction to the devastation caused by the recent unprecedented flood in some parts of  the country, is most welcome.

The release of funds categorized according to the scale of devastation as well as a flurry of food items and clothing which were promptly despatched to displaced citizens further confirm the spirit of oneness inherent in the Jonathan administration.

This spirit of patriotism should serve as the veritable sentiment we should whip up in various socio-political, cultural and religious administrations in the country.

The sudden rush to effect a sense of belonging to our beleaguered compatriots, not waiting for a Macedonian call is a salutary lesson to contain deviants of diverse colourations in our society that we are of one stock, and what afflicts one, afflicts the other.

Although many factors of our lives have been attributed to the present national factors which carry no empirical proof the country’s eco-system and other related issues not peculiar to Nigeria, contributed to the ugly situation.

It is cheering news that the Federal Government has sought the assistance of the international community, especially the donor countries and relief agencies, to mitigate the sufferings of the victims.

Apart from houses submerged by the raging flood, farmlands have been devastated and people thrown out of their houses. This situation is far beyond the scope of the Federal Government to tackle without external assistance.

It is equally cheering news that our senators have levied themselves appropriately to help in the rescue operation.

This sad situation should serve as a lesson to the Federal authorities to mount enlightenment workshops to guide builders and construction workers on choice of site to erect structures and avoid erosion-prone areas.

We sympathise with the flood victims and plead that people should, as a first measure, clean up the drainages and check obstructions on water ways during the rains.


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