Weather hazards: Manifestation of God’s Almightiness over Science and Technology By Eze, Sir J.O. Muruako, KSJ, JP

Europe and the America’s have achieved tremendous developments in the areas of science and technology. Having achieved unbelievable feats in scientific and technological fields, they started playing God. Their scientists conquered outer space and later sort of went in search of God on the moon. They mounted the moon and still found that God’s creation is limitless.

The array of scientific and technological artifacts and systems, especially, in the developed areas of the world most times give the false impression that there is no God, and that man can create and recreate his environment in view of the dizzying developments in aeronautics engineering, technology in building, the sky scrapers, medical inventions, nuclear power and space technology etcetera.

Man’s scientific and technological achievements have deceived some shallow-minded individuals to proudly announce that man is the master of the world. That is why the so-called developed areas of the world parade their agnostics and atheistic ungodly habits such as same sex marriage. Some openly declare that they do not believe in any God. However, from time to time our Almighty God uses His control of the elements to shock these unthinking people out of their unbelief. From time to time and especially in the developed areas, God demonstrates His powers over everything.

The happenings over the past few years appear to indicate that our Almighty God has decided to impress His Almightiness over the punny achievements of man. The most scientifically and technologically advanced nation, the United States of America, has for years now borne harsh uncontrollable weather hazards. Their meteorologists have devised several categories of weather hazards: Storm, Tornado, Hurricane etcetera etcetera. They have even gone on to christen the weather conditions.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina made nonsense of the barricades around the city of new Orleans, chased out the inhabitants and made the streets city water ways on which canoes and helicopters were used to save people from the housetops.

Recently, the capital city, Washington lost its complicated electric power installations to storms. Other cities in the United States were not spared of the rampaging breath of God Almighty. Recently too, flash torrential rains killed over a hundred people in Russia. A news report on the 7th July indicated that many people in Russia were driven to the tops of their tall buildings for shelter. This year too, a weather condition by the name of Tsunami shook Japan and destroyed two of their nuclear installations. In July, very heavy rains and floods disrupted life in China. On the 24th July, this year a typhoon flooded the developed city of Hong Kong in the far East.

As this piece is being written, tales of destruction, disruption and chaos are being told over the flooding of many cities and hamlets in Nigeria. The magnificently paved high way between Lokoja and the capital city of Abuja has turned into a waterway on which canoes are being used to ferry travelers across the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers. What is manifestly evident in the recent over running of the entire world by weather hazzards is that man’s scientific and technological achievements are punny when confronted by the manifestations of the Almightiness of God, the Creator of whatever is existent.

What is disappointing is that foolish man is most times intoxicated by the little allowances given him by the Maker of the universe in the advancement of his knowledge and convenience. Indeed the uncontrollable and sometimes unforeseeable weather hazards are God’s way of stamping his authority on the world He made with only His breath. One hopes that the stupid agnostic and atheistic unbelievers all over the world, would read the bold writings of God across their horizons and acknowledge that our God is Almighty.


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