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Archbishop celebrates birthday with prison inmates

The Catholic Archbishop of Onitsha recently turned 59 years and decided to celebrate his birthday in the Onitsha Prison with the inmates.

After a special service in the prison, Most Rev Okeke described the period of incarceration for the prisoners as “a period of moulding  your character and mind” and urged the inmates to imbibe the fear of God in all they did and embrace noble virtues.

The primate also urged leaders of various categories to work for the good of the poor masses by eschewing greed and selfishness in all their dealings.

Archbishop Okeke warned; “as long as we amass wealth only for ourselves, as long as we use power to undermine the rights of others, as long as we use power to subdue the less-privileged, the under-privileged and the less fortunate, so long shall we experience confusion and crisis in Nigeria”.

According to report, as part of the celebration, some items were donated to the inmate while the occasion was said to have elated the prisoners and elevated them spiritually.

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