Food scarcity may hit Southeast …Due to bad roads By Silas Nwarie

The extremely bad state of federal roads in the Southeast has been fingered as the cause of the sudden increase in the prices of food items in the zone in recent times.

The worst hit is the Federal roads in Ebonyi State considered one of the food basket of Nigeria as trucks carrying foodstuff have at several points broken down owing to the terrible state of the roads.

From Enugu to Abakiliki and from Abakiliki to Afikpo to Okigwe federal road, the sight of heavy vehicles laden with food items which have broken down for days, is common.

Because these vehicles could not reach their destinations on time, prices in the markets in Imo, Abia and Anambra states have escalated astronomically recently.

For instance, garri which hitherto sold five cups for N100 in Eke Onunwa Market Owerri, now sells at N50 a cup.

There is also about 25% increase in the price of rice but beans which was once the cheapest food in the market has recorded 100% price increase although it has been blamed on the boko haram activities in the Northeast of Nigeria, the main source of the commodity.

Some indigenes of Ebonyi State at one of the sites a truck carrying food items summersaulted owing to the terrible state of the road, reeled off in anger the names of indigenes of the Southeast holding influential positions in the federal government but who have failed to use their powerful positions to get the roads in the zone fixed.

“They are of no use to the Igbo people”, one of them screamed.


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