Imo Newspapers retired workers also need attention

Protests against denial of inalienable rights due to individuals or groups in the society have become the soap opera of our times.

Most of these protests which are devoid of violence are adjuncts of our democratic development.

Conversely, some of the protests are carried out in bad taste in order to paint the administration in lurid colours. A listening administration knows how to sift out the dregs in the process.

Last week, some retired staff of Imo Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) staged a peaceful demonstration in protest against delay or non-payment of arrears of their pensions and gratuities since their disengagement from service which did not start from the Owelle Rochas administration now in its second year.

The peaceful protest carried out with genuine intentions to a government that parades its rescue mission to the people of Imo State, was greeted with warmth of affection inherent in the government.

The Secretary to the Government told the protesters that their cases will be looked into for a redress in no distant future.

But, pray, are similar retired staff of the equally state-owned Imo Newspapers Ltd, bedeviled by circumstances  of their creation?

Out of sympathy for this cadre of retirees in the State Public Service, this newspaper has written volumes, calling on the Rochas Rescue Mission to live up to its billings.

A long time ago, the state government set up a committee to figure out its responsibilities to the retired workers, some of who have died out of frustration, others disabled. Nothing concrete has come out of that exercise.

Should Imo Newspapers’ retired staff continue to wallow in penury?  Governor Okorocha has to do something now to keep them alive.

Today, the premises of Imo  Newspapers Ltd, publishers of STATESMAN Group of Newspapers, is being  occupied by a mega government establishment.

What is good for the goose, is equally good for the gander.

The Owelle administration should extend its benevolence and egalitarian stance to this other constituents in the interest of equity.

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