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Love and infatuation By Nzekwe Augustine

It’s so unfortunate how people have mixed these two terms that it has almost become impossible to separate the two in our contemporary society. Thank God light will always triumph over darkness no matter how thick the darkness is. Love is a heavenly language and practice and can never be suppressed or mixed up. Love goes beyond telling someone “I love you”. As a matter of fact, this expression has become so common that it has lost its efficacy and true meaning and has become a trap through which people are lured into immorality.

This brings me into homes, a stratum that makes up the entire society. This is where the practice of love should begin between husband and wife. What do we see today especially among our new generation digital couples, today at the altar, tomorrow in court. Faithfulness is no longer the watch word. How pathetic. A man says to his wife ” honey I love you, I thank God for bringing you into my life ,God bless the day I found you, you are my life, etc, etc, etc,..The next moment he is in the laps of a strange woman, in fact as he is saying these things to his wife, he is replying to a text message telling the other woman where they would meet and there are also so many others on the list waiting for his free service. He gives this service free for immoral pleasure and still pays. To some people, this is a normal routine week in week out. There is no better way to say what you feel for your” wife” is pure infatuation, all you wanted was just to have a woman to call “wife” period.

Love is respectful, love is sacrificial and love does not cheat. That which you cannot do when your “wife”   is around the Conner, true ” Love” will not let you do it when she is not there no matter the distance. You say to yourself,” my wife will not be happy and will be hurt to the marrow when she hears or sees me do this, therefore I will not do it”. Now this is respect. The women are calling, sending messages and making advances at you and you say to yourself,” they can never be like my wife and I will never bring myself so low to share my wife’s precious abode with another woman come rain come shine”. Even if she is miles apart or there is a condition that does not permit you to ..go into her for some time. You condition yourself and say, “I will wait for her”. This is not only respect but sacrifice. When you say you are in a business meeting, let it be that you are truly in a business meeting. Don’t say you are in a business meeting while you are somewhere in the arms of another woman, when you do this, you are throwing your integrity to the dogs. You can’t cheat the one you love. It’s not about saying she will never find out, it’s about true love. The scripture says husbands love your wives even as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it< Eph. 5:25.> Remember that we shall all appear before Christ to give account of what we did with our bodies, be it good or bad <2cor. 5:10>

Women be ware, these also apply to you. Don’t take advantage of your husband’s absence to bring in your boy friends………………..God help our generation ,many things have gone wrong. Things that were not heard of in times past have become celebrated events and practices in most homes.

God is searching for homes that will apply His own kind of true love.

You cannot practice true love if you have not submitted to the author of love.

Submit yourself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ today for a home filled with true Love and free from crises. GOD BLESS YOU.


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