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“MAN KNOW THYSELF” With Dr Nma Olebara (FCAI)

I wonder why so many Nigerians on attaining position of leadership become insensitive to the rights and privileges of others, especially the right thinking majority. These are people who were once very ordinary, not perhaps born with silver spoon in their mouths, without enviable backgrounds and beginnings, perhaps humble and godly. As they grew and fortune smiled on them, they caught our fancy. Because they were one of us, we trusted them with leadership and gave them our mandate. Suddenly, our mandate turned to our undoing, our diminishing, and our signing our death warrant.

I remember former president Obasanjo and his 1999 presidential campaign, soon after coming out of prison. We thought we had been blessed with an African Political Pope as he was deemed very pious, religious, just and a general with the heart of love Gradually, he became a dictator, law breaker, and fought the nation in bid for a third term tenure or perhaps life presidency, just like late military despot late General Sani Abacha tried to translate from military to cerulean president.

Nigerians, hitherto, seen   to be gullible  and easily melt at  the anger or threat of their  rulers rose like one man and resisted at all costs the dare-devil ambitions  of Abacha and Obasanjo. Inspite of his iron- fist rule, Abacha only increased the price of fuel from six naira to eleven naira only and ensured the difference of five naira arising from the increase  was gainfully managed by the petroleum  Trust Fund (PTF) in fixing Nigerian Roads, the  health and education sector among others.

Although General Obasanjo the Civilianized Head of State lost the battle to remove oil subsidy at a time our roads were motorable, he saw no justification for the continued existence of Toll Gates on bad roads and consequently mowed down all Toll Gates in the country.

Sad  to observe  that today  our nation’s leadership fails to do the needful but engages in policies and decisions that are not welcome by the over whelming majority of Nigerians. In the early days of our independence, we heard of offers of ten percent bribe of a few thousand pounds or few million’s. Today, it is fifty percent or a hijack of the entire project sum running into multi millions or billions. How can the masses be bleeding for unchallenged monumental corruption and looting of our commonwealth by powerful Nigerians in government and business? How can our leadership explain that individual Nigerians have refineries in other countries and we, the sixth world producer of oil cannot fix our refineries, have minimal public power, yet barrenly boasting of becoming a nuclear power?

Tell me not to wait much longer while they run this country aground.

For delay, delays fulfillment. Tell me not to be careful any more

For all the cares without achievement.

Is life without purpose? Seeing things go wrong and remaining dumb surely kills the aged and refusal to hear, kills the young.

Nigeria’s banner is no longer without stain as at independence. Today, our banner is blood soaked, corruption stained and divisively torn along parochial, political, ethnic and religious interests. Nigeria has bee stewing in unparalleled crime and insecurity beginning with the Sharia molestations to the Ikeja cantonment bomb blast, the Odi and Zaki-Ibiam massacres, the series of plane crashes involving either top military officers or civilians or both to the Niger Delta militancy, Kidnappings and oil pipe-line vandalisation and the latest Boko Haram and bomb- blasts nightmare.

In the words of Late Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu “Leadership is a business for serious minds. We do not want leaders who are erratic, whimsical and vindictive because they lack the maturity required for leadership.”

I have religiously watched president Obama of US from his days in the American Senate till today. As a dedicated Senator, he was very young and beaming with freshness. Less than four years in office, the same young Obama is now leaner and ageing as a result of carrying the challenges of America on his head and heart. I reliably understand that Obama, the most powerful and influential president of the world is now poorer as president than a private citizen or Senator of the US. A few weeks ago, he was insisting that his government must, without delay, create millions of jobs for the unemployed. There, ”Kwum is mem” no be talk for month. Obama created plenty jobs in a matter of weeks.

Here, what do we hear? Good speeches without actions. Is crime fighting now a dead phrase? Those we look up to are alleged to be sponsoring series of killings and murders, bombings etc.

Ralph W. Emerson has said it all “Whenever a man commits a crime God finds a witness. Every crime has its reporter”.

Do I need to say more? Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house.

One day monkey, go, go market, I no go return. It is only in Nigeria that blood is not costly and life not sacred.

One thing is clear “There is God and you are not Him.”

Please God, forgive what we have been, perfect what we are and order what we shall be, in Jesus name Amen.



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