‘Naked’ women in Church: Clerics worried

An association of Christian clerics, Akwa Ibom Clergy Forum (AICF), has expressed worries over the issue of indecent dressing in some churches in the country. The group made this known at a press conference in Lagos.

The president of the AICF, Rev. Samuel Udo, said indecent dressing constituted a moral burden to the nation, stressing that it was one of the major reasons for the country’s backwardness. According to him, “A church is supposed to be a holy place. It should not be a place to commit sins. Churches today have turned to places of abomination.

“Women now go more or less naked to the church. Men go with earrings and other materials associated with females. It is forbidden for a man to put on what belongs to a woman, but now such things have been turned to style.” The clergy therefore, urged worshippers to be righteous in their dealing with God to avoid disaster in the country.

Another pastor, Eyo Udo, lamented that people go to church with whatever they like, without necessarily considering where they are going to.