Nigerians must fast to enjoy security peace

The people of Nigeria irrespective of their religious inclinations, must declare a day of fasting, prayer and thanksgiving to God, if they want the prevailing atmosphere of insecurity, unwanton killings of innocent souls, reprisal attacks, natural disasters, and all other sour events befalling the country today to cease or reduce to the barest minimum, in order to enable the country be united and move forward.

The Anglican Bishop of Owerri, the Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha, Ph.D who made this call on a Radio Nigeria Heartland FM Station Owerri Programme, “Olu Oha” said that for this to be successful or achieved, there must, first of all, be a genuine repentance from the citizenry, especially those in leadership at ail levels, warning that there would definitely be a day of judgment for al! at the due time.

Bishop Okorocha stressed the need for everybody, whether Christian or Moslem, to keep his/her life clean and straight, referring to a section of the Holy Bible, Matthew 68 where it is written: “do not be like them. For your father knows the things you have need of before you ask them.”

In answer to a question, as to why flood disaster has been ravaging many parts of this country this year, more than ever before, whether the people are not fasting and praying enough, the Prelate posited that the situation calls for very serious prayers to God to put a stop to it, but traced the cause to what he described as “evil deeds”, committed by unscrupulous people who deliberately build their structures to block the water ways and drainage systems.

He also attributed it to lack of soil test before building, poor construction, use of inferior quality materials in building as well as building on unauthorized places such as building very close to the bank of a river etc.

Citing Psalm 125, the Lord Bishop counseled those who are disturbing the peace of Imo State and some other states in the country through their kidnapping activities, to release their captives without delay, repent and stop such evil actions, and then see what God can do for them, stressing that when God knows that you have nothing to hide and no one else is coming up to help you in your situation, He will come to your rescue as your Father and grant you your request.

On the issue of fasting, Bishop Okorocha noted that no one can bribe God through fasting, adding that anyone who fasts, must do so secretly and with good intentions, before God can answer his/her prayers made in the course of the fast, to justify the theme of the programme which is: ‘The Place and Power of Fast in Prayer (“God’s Chosen Fast).”

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