Police rescue man from kidnap gang By Njideka Nwachukwu

The people of Obazu-Mbieri in the Mbaitoli local government area of Imo State were, on Monday, jolted when a gang of kidnappers stormed their community on a motor-byke and seized one of their sons and his wife (names withheld) while they were driving home from Owerri after the day’s job.

The kidnappers who wore police vests, blocked their way about 300 metres to their residence, bundled them into their jeep and took over, blindfolding them as they drove off to Orlu road through Orie-Mbieri-Orodo road.

Realising that they had kidnapped a couple, they decided to release the wife, and another relation of theirs with an ultimatum to make N10 million available to them within two days or her husband would be “wasted”.

They released the jeep to the woman  and the relation and continued their journey on the motorcycle, with their victim blindfolded and sandwiched between the rider and two other armed members of the gang.

Luck, however, ran out on them when they met a police patrol van  that evening.

The eagle-eyed policemen noticed that one of the occupants of the bike was blindfolded and so sensed that the ride was an unusual one.

They quickly reversed and gave a chase.

Sensing that rescue was on the way, the victim put up a fight, hitting the rider and causing the bike to fall into a ditch.

Demobilised, the kidnappers fired at the police who replied with superior fire power, prompting the kidnappers to abandon their victim, fleeing into a nearby bush.

The victim was later rescued from the ditch while the police combed the bush.

At press time, no arrests had been made but police confirmed that investigation was on to unravel whether it was an inside job.


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