Senseless killings in Nigeria must stop -Bishop

The   Bishop of the   Diocese   of  Oru,   the   Right   Rev.   Geoffrey Chukwunenye, Ph.D has expressed concern over the way precious lives of innocent people are wasted in different parts of the country.

The Right Rev. Chukwunenye who was preaching during a pastoral visit to Holy Trinity Church, Obibi, Awo-Omamma in Oru-East local government area regretted that Nigerians do not place any value on life.

Bishop Chukwunenye made particular reference to the recent Aluu lynching  of four students  of the  University of Port  Harcourt on frivolous   allegations   and   called   on   the   federal   government to investigate the case thoroughly and to prosecute the suspects.

He condemned the various heinous criminal activities, which target human life such as Boko Haram, kidnapping and armed robbery and suggested the introduction of national ethical orientation as a subject in Nigerian schools.

Dwelling on the theme: God’s condition for eternal life, the prelate sounded it loud and clear that God has stipulated the conditions for qualification for anyone to enter His Kingdom to essentially include accepting Jesus Christ as King and spreading the gospel of the Kingdom.

He said heaven and hell are real, pointing out that God will not lower the standard for those who appear to be in doubt about the truth.

He further urged Christians to occupy the earth effectively until the second coming of Jesus Christ and to strive to be the light of the world especially in their immediate environment and neighbourhood.

According to him, the judgement of God is not far from the conscience of the individual because those who kill their fellow human beings or deprive them of their belongings know that what they are doing is bad and called on them to repent and be saved.

The highlight of the service was the dedication of little master Clinton Excel Uchenna, son of the Vicar of Holy Trinity Obibi, the Rev and Mrs. Forth Edward.