Boko Haram’s genocide against Christians continues with impunity

Gurara Forum, a Northern Nigerian based pressure group, has called on the Federal Government and security bodies to match words with action, and be pragmatic in stopping Boko Haram sect from committing genocide against Christian worshippers in the North with impunity.

In its reaction to today’s suicide bombing of a church in Kaduna, the Forum also called on the United States to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organization, considering the monumental loss of lives due to its activities.

The statement signed by the Forum’s Chancellor, Comrade Vincent Bodam, said, “Just when we thought the bombs have come to an end in Kaduna and indeed the North, our experience of utopia was shattered this morning when another maniacal suicide bomber rammed into a Church in Malali causing mayhem and loss of lives and property of peaceful law-abiding citizens.  Innocent Christian worshippers have again been the target of attack of hate. We condemn this wanton and devilish killing of innocent human beings who have in no way being instrumental to creating these fiends from the gates of hell.”

In the statement, which was sent to SaharaReporters from Abuja, the Forum expressed disgust at reports that it was an SUV that was used to carry out the heinous act, a fact which it says indicates the involvement of wealthy persons in bankrolling the dismembering of innocent Christians and destruction of property they acquired through years of toil.

It warned that these heinous crimes could not be perpetrated if lapses within the security agencies did not exist, and again called on all those concerned to ensure that the perpetrators are fished out.

Gurara Forum further said: “The engineers of these acts AND their sponsors are hunted and exposed whoever they are and wherever they maybe. We are not sure we have seen the end of this since the engineers of these dastardly acts are still at large. Months into the progrom initiated against Christians, no notable prosecution of a sponsor of these enemies of State has been effected. Instead, we are hoodwinked to believe progress is made only to wake up the next day to see those arrested prancing around.”

The Forum expressed dismay at the lack of concern displayed by the US Government in not labeling the Boko Haram group a terrorist organization, wondering what further they have to do to be so identified.

“Equally perplexing is the stance the Federal Government has adopted in defending these miscreants before the US Government,” it said. “However, we hope the events of the last few months are enough to erase these doubts that the Boko Haram Sect is indeed a terrorist organisation and should be treated as such.”

It further criticized the response of the security agencies towards halting the Boko Haram carnage, and prayed that their lackadaisical approach “will not make the victims resort to self-help in ensuring that the planned and systematic annihilation of a particular people by a few fiendish and demonic people does not go unchallenged.”


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