Bombings: Time to seek external assistance

For quite sometime our security agencies made up of the Army Police, Navy, etc., have won our hearts in their discharge of responsibilities regarding security of the land.

On this we say, more grease to your elbows.

Much as the security agencies afore-mentioned have positioned themselves to thwart the evil schemes of the terrorists, new designs are being fashioned by the dare-devils to upstage the proverbial Apple Cart.

Last week’s bombing of a  Catholic  Church in Kaduna while worshippers were in session, raises eyebrows about the ongoing sporadic bombing by the Boko Haram Sect.

Stamping out terrorism in Nigeria is a Herculean task which if adequately applied cannot be said to be outside the competence of our security men.

Intelligence gathering needs to be constantly tapped. Getting information in this regard means eating, living and mixing up with the known terrorist in disguise,  to be able to nip their plans in the bud.

Intelligence gathering forms the fulcrum of security operation; our men and women in this area are well-groomed in their job. They should explore all avenues to thwart whatever devices the Boko Haram sect may apply as in the Kaduna mayhem. It is regrettable that the more our security agencies make concerted efforts to break their jinx, the more Boko Haram terrorists come up with new methods of operation.

The recent bombing of a Catholic Church in Kaduna is a case in point. The madmen had threatened that they would disrupt Ramadan Festival only to divert the attention of security details. We therefore appeal to the Federal Government to seek foreign assistance to check the rising incidence of suicide bombings in parts of the North.


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