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Don’t compromise your faith -Bishop tells Christians By Our Reporter

The Bishop of the Diocese of Oru, the Right Rev. Geoffrey Chukwunenye, PhD has berated Christians who compromise their faith saying they do not qualify to be yoked together with Christians.

The Right Rev. Chukwunenye who preached at the All Saints Church, Aji in Oru West Local Government Area during the confirmation church service and the admission of deserving women of virtue into the women’s Guild, noted that any faith which does not bring transformation and renewal in the life of the faithful should not be sustained.

Bishop Chukwunenye observed that it is only among Christians that such issues as improper dressing, same sex marriage, abortion and alcohol consumption are common topics for discussion and debate pointing out that elsewhere and particularly among Muslims for example, people are severely punished for a mere mention of such unethical concepts.

Dr. Chukwunenye cited the example of the Saudi Arabian Olympiad (woman) who insisted on performing her race fully dressed in her hijab and compared her with her Christian counterparts (women) who usually run their races almost naked.

“Preaching on the theme: Faith that brings change”, taken from Joshua 6:22-26, the prelate remarked that the faith of Rehab saved her household from destruction and urged the newly confirmed and the new women of virtue to allow their faith in Christianity to bring protection and safety to them, their family, friends and other relations.

He  emphasized  that the  Christian  who is   not distinguished as   a   standard   reference   has compromised the fundamentals of Christianity and should be re-examined.

The confirmation candidates were presented to the Bishop by the Archdeacon of Nempi Archdeaconry, Venerable Humphrey Nnoma, while the Vicar of All Saints Church, Aji Parish, the Rev Joseph Egonu, conducted the service.


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