Bishop blasts Christians who do not give cheerfully By Chinasa Ogbonna

The Anglican Bishop of Oru, Rt Rev. Geoffrey Chukwunenye Ph.D has lashed out at Christians who murmur anytime they are called upon to give to God.

In his sermon at the Diocesan harvest at the Cathedral Church of Emmanuel, Mgbidi, Bishop Chukwunenye regretted that giving, which he described as one of the virtues, has been abused and ignored by Christians.

“Some of us feel tired in doing the things of God. Giving is one of the teachings and virtues of the church that we have abused so much in all churches today. We complain and mumur anytime we are called upon to give to God”, he said.

The Prelate regretted that some people give because they want to be seen and recognized while others give because others are giving.

According to him, some Christians also give because they were forced to do so.

He said that men have strayed from God’s pattern for giving, pointing out that rendering service in the Home of God for self recognition is wrong.

The Bishop, who warned against bringing man’s ideology and philosophy into the service of God, cited Exodus 25:5 as encapsulating God’s instructions in that direction.

He advised Christians to emulate the early Church in Masedonia who gave beyond their means and ability and joyfully too.

He condemned those who give because they want blessing from God, pointing out that they should give because they Love God as God looks into the Hearts of men.

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