Christians ask for prayer to end violence By Our Report

Nigerian Anglicans are asking Christians around the world to pray and fast for an end to violence in the country.

Northern Nigeria has been hit by a wave of deadly attacks on churches, mostly blamed on Islamist militant group Boko Haram.

At least seven people were killed and dozens injured in a suicide bombing during mass at a Catholic church in Kaduna last week.

Archbishop Ikechi Nwachukwu Nwosu told the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) meeting in New Zealand that the situation for Christians in Nigeria was “terrible”.

He appealed to Christians to lobby their governments to intervene in the situation in Nigeria.

Christians in the country are uniting in a week of prayer and fasting starting on 12 November and they are asking believers around the world to join with them.

Fellow ACC member Abraham Yisa said: “Churches are being bombed every Sunday, especially in the northern part [of the country].

“The situation is that people are refusing to go to church or when they go to church they don’t know whether they’ll return home. Services during the week are disrupted, people are afraid to worship.”

Meanwhile, tackling the incidence of same sex marriage  dominated discussions at the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion’s Divine Commonwealth conference which opened last Monday.

The conference holding at the Christian Centre Abuja is follow up of its maiden edition last year.

Announcing the conference in Abuja on Wednesday, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Most Rev Nicholas Okoh said the conference will draw participants from the UK, USA, Kenya, Uganda and West African states.

The primate explains: “One thing joins us together. That is biblical orthodoxy. This we mean people who uphold the teaching of the scripture and will want to promote it.

“It sounds strange that we will be talking about people who uphold the teaching of the scripture in church. The truth is that in some sections of the church, they’re riding rough on the message of the scripture. In fact, some are outright attacking and destroying it.

“This is why in 2008, the Church of Nigerian Anglican Communion and other churches like that around the world who strongly hold to the position of the scripture had their meeting in Jerusalem and adopted what is called the Jerusalem Declaration. Those who signed to that Jerusalem Declaration are the people who are free to participate in this conference.

“This conference is small edition of the universal one called GAFCON.

“We decided to do so because the attacks coming on the scripture are affecting the life of the people. If you believe wrongly, you’ll live wrongly.

“If you misinterpret the scripture to create allowance for homosexuality then you’re likely to accept it as a normal way of life. And then you’re likely to accept the radical redefinition of the family that a man and a man can marry and a woman and a woman can marry.

“That radical definition is unbiblical and unacceptable. People to attend this conference are people who do not subscribe to man-man marriage or woman-woman marriage. We are people who believe that the provision made by God is adequate.

“Two people in this universe, a man and a woman–even in the animal kingdom, we have male and female and in this way, they reproduce their kind to continue God’s purpose for their lives.”


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