Almighty God shakes mighty America By Eze Sir J.O. Muruako KSJ PP

A few weeks ago, this writer commented that the weather hazards were demonstrations of the Almightiness of God over human attainments in Science and Technology. Following this, Nigeria was hit by flood disasters allover the country. Soon after, the Almightiness of God rocked the Americas with what commentators regarded as a super storm which they nicknamed Hurricane Sand. For days mighty New York City shivered as the hurricane gathered strength as it approached the shores of the great United States, On the 29th October or thereabouts the East Coast of the United States was hit by super Hurricane Sandy. The great New York City was closed down as millions went without electricity in the hub of the United States economy. The New York stock Exchange was closed down and the subways which are the nerve centers of traffic in New York were also closed. Television views exposed that the formerly crowded streets of New York City were empty of human traffic.

Thousands of New Yorkers were hunched down in under ground shelters as if there was a nuclear war. The man in the economic nerve center of mighty United States was as helpless as the man, at the flooded Oguta water side. Elsewhere in the United States East coast heavy cold rain with winds paralyzed activities. This writers Children in Cleve Land Ohio sent frantic phone calls that they were indoors without electricity in a cold weather. As if to confirm that the Almighty God owns the earth, a Cyclone nicknamed Nilan wrecked India in the far East of the earth. As the News and Television views of the world wide weather hazards dominated the air waves and media, one became more convinced that the limits of Science and technology is Almighty God the Genesis of all that exists and all that happens on this earth.

The foolishness and shallowness of those in the so called developed parts of the world who think and act as if the earth came by itself become more manifest. One thought aloud that President Obama of the United States could not send a ballistic missile or an unmanned drone to block super storm sandy from disturbing his election campaign schedule. Who else could have rubbished the great policeman of the world, and the greatest power in Science, Technology and economy but the Almighty Creator?

The recent weather instability on planet earth which Scientists have termed ‘Climate Change’ should convert those foolish agnostics and atheists in the so called developed areas to the immutable fact that man and all that is on earth and above are the handiwork of a Creator, God. Scientific and Technological breakthroughs by man are just a miniscule of the handiwork of the  Almighty,  Omnipresent  and Omnipotent Uncreated  Being, God,  All  the  dazzling and unimaginable scientific and technological   inventions   are   just little benevolent openings to His loved creature man.

Now that it has become His will to unravel the weather, punny man can only watch, wonder and raise his hands in supplication to be saved. One therefore hopes that man should behave sensibly by shedding all the pride of the little insights allowed him in the workings of God’s creation. Acknowledge Him, worship Him and use the scientific and technological advances granted him for the service of the Almighty God and goodness of   all   created   things.   Indeed   the   exposition   of   the powerlessness of mighty United States should be a lesson to all that only God is Almighty.

The deep regret of this writer is that many people in the world

today, especially those from the so called develop areas have been irredeemably fooled, bamboozled and misled by the man’s little insight into God’s Creation. They deny God and play God. They have sank to the level of animals in their debauchery and chase of fleshy  satisfactions. In this State of spiritual stupor, they fail to look beyond the punny Scientific and Technological advances of man. However, one is consoled that our Almighty God has from time to time stirred the elements of the weather to startle man out of the spiritual stupor. The weather hazards which have now become a world wide phenomenon, and which have shaken and rocked mighty nations like the United States, Russia, Japan, and have not spared others like Nigeria and India should be Constant reminder to sensible people that the Earth is the Lords And All that is within it.



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