Archdeacon writes the new Archbishop of Canterbury

An Archdeacon, Ven. Abraham Okorie, has written to the newly appointed Arcbishop of Canterbury on his elevation. In the letter, Ven Okorie described the new Head of the Anglican Church as a Canon of reconciliation.

Excerpts: “We congratulate New Archbishop of Canterbury. We congratulate you Rt. Revd. Justin Welby on your appointment as new Archbishop of Canterbury.  We congratulate you because God does not make mistake. We congratulate you because after rain, the sun has come to shine.  We congratulate you because your appointment has  confirmed our convintion that God hears and answers prayers.  We prayed for you to be God sent and God has sent you. Your immense contribution to end of violence is not in vain. Your peace initiatives have been blessed by heaven.

“God sent you because you were Canon of reconciliation before you were considered to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. You were made installed canon of reconciliation for a time like this in the life of Anglican Communion. You are made of the stuff that our Communion requires at a time like this. We prayed for you with at

Auckland New Zealand during Anglican Consultative Council (ACC 15) with Archbishop Rowan William. Our prayer continues that you will be able to speak the Gospel Truth from the scriptural stand point with clarity and no mincing of words.

It is our prayer that the Almighty God will give you the enabling authority and functional orthodox understanding of the Bible in universal context.

Congratulations. Your positive antecedents shows that you are answered prayer And equal to the task. In the common understanding of the scripture, the New Archbishop of Canterbury is a child of God. ”Blessed are the peace makers  for they shall be called children of God” (Mtt 5:9). This scripture qualifies Archbishop Welby. This endears him to every well thinking Nigerian at a time like this.  He hasbeen involved in the background in resolving the insecurity problems posed by Boko Haram in Nigeria. He has always shared in the problem of Nigeria. You can

call him a Nigerian in spirit, a Nigerian in diaspora or a friend of Nigerians. Surely the new Archbishop of Canterbury is a friend indeed

The New Archbishop of Canterbury was recently in Nigeria on his capacity  As the Bishop of Durham to contribute his expertise for the resolution of Niger DeltaMilitancy and Boko Haram insurgency in Northern Nigeria. Our new Archbishop is equipped with all requires to promote peace, collegiality and fellowship in Nigeria,

Africa and the entire Anglican world. Bravo Nigerians, Bravo Africans and congratulations Archbishop Welby.

We will continue to pray for you because you are God’s choice for the Peace of the children of God. As the church of England prays for Archbishop Justin Welby on the Sunday next to Advent we will pray for the Archbishop

every day. As Archbishop Justin become the 105th on the line that goes back to St. Augustine, Apostle to the English, join us as we pray that our Archbishop of Canterbury will start and continue to represent Christ in the world.

Archbishop Justin Welby was educated in Eton and Cambridge. He became Oil Company Executive after his University education. He gave up this sumptuous job for the call to Priesthood. As an Evangelical with a solid understanding of the scripture the two issues that tend to split the global Anglican communion will become

a thing of the past. Though Archbishop Justin Welby may favour women Priesthood, he is incline to seeing homosexuality as aberration and gay marriage as scripturally unacceptable.

May we be steadfast in our prayers even if Prime Minister David Cameron make

Good his promise to legalize gay marriage in the UK by 2015 our Archbishop will continue to see marriage as a sacrament between a man and a woman believe the virgin Birth of Jesus Christ and say to the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ without any hint of doubt.

Hail Canon of reconciliation, congratulations Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury.


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