That Archbishop’s no-war verdict

An archbishop of the Anglican Communion said recently that there was no war between Christians and Moslems in Nigeria.

He saw the ongoing conflict between the two faiths as no ‘war’ but mere misunderstanding of the faithful of one religious group with the tenets of the other.

The archbishop was in effect turning down the ever-brewing tension fuelled by some misguided bigots of a rival religion group, more so as there have been no reprised attacks or orchestrated genocidal descent on their assailants as it is in this case.

It is an expression of consolation – albeit consoling Christians who are the victims of the attack and their  Churches – that  no war is contemplated even as the ranks of Christians in most parts of the North are routinely decimated.

We are not by any stretch of imagination calling for any reprisal attack, but to emplasise that the ongoing harassments, maiming and killings should not be shrugged off as no war.

Physical combat notwithstanding, war as existential conflict has no other meaning or play fully played down in order to seek the embrace of a cat and rat!

When the Nigerian civil war broke out in 1967, it was dismissed as “police action” which degenerated into a full-scale war that lasted for three years with a frightening toll in human lives.

Christians may not be carrying war to the door steps of their Moslem brothers and sisters as the latter are wont to do because they are groomed in a culture of tolerance, but the adherents of the opposing religious group act the script of their fore bears who believe a forceful obedience to their faith.

There is the war of silence attributable to the seeming nonchalance of Christians whose adherents are daily maimed or killed through senseless bomb attacks by jihadists.

This aspect of war is usually waged on foolish people who take up arms for no just cause against their innocent country  men and women of different faiths.

Make no mistake about it, there is a raging cold war before Christians Moslems all over the world play it down as you may wish.

And war, by any description, is war.

Little wonder that Francis Meecham says in his own dissertation that “men are at war with one another because each man is at war with himself.

In what looks like a political tussle, Northern Christians recently challenged their Moslem compatriots over the claim of certain hardline.

Politicians that the 2015 presidency as the turn of the Northern geo-political zone is the turn of Christians in the area.

This stand was taken by the Northern States Christian Elders Forum at a recent meeting in Kaduna.

It is the view of the elders that a Nigerian of Northern extraction must be a president as Moslems having monopolized national leadership since independence”.

Probably, Archbishop Matthew Manosa Ndagoso of Kaduna City was playing around his Episcopal disposition by shrugging of spectres of a looming war between Christians and their jihad-driven compatriots.

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