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Connect him/her to believers who have better access to him/her

“Geographical” &  “relational” are two kinds of access you may not have to your child. If your wayward child lives far away, try to find a solid believer in his area who you can ask to contact/befriend him/her. No matter how nosy, stupid or embarrassing it may seem to him/her it is really worth it especially if the believer can also relate to your child emotionally in a way you can’t.

Another believer who has emotional access to your child will be very helpful. One who your child trusts and perhaps even enjoys being around. Such believer has a platform to talk to your child in a way he/she may actually pay attention to even if harsh. The people we trust and respect are usually the only ones who can package a painful rebuke so that it is a gift to us.

Lots of rebellious kids would do well to hear they’re being fools not by their parents but from other Christians in your child’s lives.


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