Knights doomed unless… -President Ohaji/Egbema Council

Any Council of Knights in the Anglican Communion and other Christian denominations bereft of men and women qualified to be described and seen as vessels of honour, is doomed.

This stark verdict was given by the president, Council of Knights, Diocese of Ohaji/Egbema, Engr Sir Ray Ogara in his Presidential Address at the 2012 chapter meeting of the council at St Peter’s Cathedral, Umuokanne.

He lamented that today’s church lacked “men and women who would fit in as vessels of honour” stressing that such people ought to be found among  the Knights.

Expatiating on the theme of the meeting, “Vessel Unto Honour”, Sir Ogara conceded that “in the council of Knights, there are vessels of honour and dishonour”.

However, he called on his members not to be discouraged by the few who manifest as vessels of dishonour but to be encouraged and inspired by the “goodness” of those who manifest qualities of vehicles of honour.

In the same token, the Ohaji/Egbema president of Knights distinguished between vessels of honour and vessels of dishonour in the Church. Vessels of honour in the church, he argued, are credit to the church through their exemplary behaviour as they “stand out in the various arms of the church, mould the congregation and bring about growth in the church.”

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