PDP stalwarts demand key to Okigwe LG store

There was commotion at the local government headquarters, Okigwe last Tuesday when the local government workers nearly bared their fangs against six stalwarts of the Peoples’ Democratic  Party (PDP) who allegedly harassed the Director of Administration and General Service (DAGS), Mrs G.I. Ofiaeli.

Reliable sources told Christian Voice that problem started when the group of PDP men who were recently reinstated as elected councilors by an Abuja High Court, stormed the office of the DAGS demanding that she released the key to the council’s  store.

She was said to have asked them to meet the store keeper for that purpose but in any case, firmly told them that they had no right to make such a demand.

At this juncture, the men led by the vice chairman, as the chairman was said to have been away to the Law School for sometime, shouted at the woman threateningly. This was said to have prompted the workers to storm the office, ejecting the men and threatening to beat them up but for, ironically, the intervention of the DAGS.

A staff of Okigwe local government told Christian Voice that his colleagues were not interested in the partisan politics currently rocking the Imo State local government system but that they could not withstand the men threatening and harassing a career public servant.

“They have no right to demand the key to the store as they are not public servants, in the first place”, he asserted.

But the episode came to a dramatic end when the PDP men disappeared into thin air on hearing the siren of security vehicles racing towards the scene to avert a possible security breach.


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