Salute to spirit of courage

The Iron-cast determination or resolve of the Northern Christians to hold firm to their faith in spite of the harassments of the Moslem sect, Boko Haram, deserves a fitting salute to courage.

Maimed, killed and their property destroyed, the Northern Christians have stuck to their faith.

The travails of our Christian brothers in the north could well be likened to the afflictions of Job, the man of God, as recorded in the Holy Book.

The Biblical character who epitomized the virtues of a true-blue faithful, remained resolute in the Almightiness of his Maker, till the deceiver, the devil succumbed.

That biblical story runs parallel to what is happening to the men and women of God in the northern states in the hands of those who think that they can force them into reneging their Christian faith in favour of Islam.

The unshaken resolve of Northern Nigeria Christians to remain resolute not minding the unrelenting bombings and armed attacks by the Boko Haram Moslem fundamentalists is worthy of emulation.

Such hardcore resolve of an embattled sector in a country that flaunts a doubtful policy of secularism forms the hallmark of good faith.

This resolve stemmed from the recent bomb attack on  Churches in Jaji, cantonment, Kaduna, from where  it was understood some of the bombs were manufactured.

According to the Executive Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), Prof Daniel Babayi, his people in the same faith would not retreat or surrender no matter the number of churches the Boko Haram insurgents bomb in the North.

His words: “Christianity has come to stay in the North and none can chase the Christians away from there. This is our home, this is our country and we must remain here.”

We salute the gallantly of the Northern Christians and call on their southern counterparts to come to their aid by any means consistent with the faith.




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