The ‘designer’ Christianity of our time By Eze J.O Muruako, KSJ, JP

This writer has always held the view that the prosperity ideology of most of the Pentecostal sects is antithetical to the true Christianity enunciated and established on Peter the apostle by our LORD JESUS CHRIST. We have always seen the prosperity Gospellers as what they are, pagan worshippers at the altar of the mammon of wealth and ail that the world can offer.

In an exhaustive write up in the Christian Voice, Anglican Newspaper of the 25th October, 2012, Sir Ekeke (M.D.V. PhD), saw the prosperity Gospel Evangelists as a perverted Church, a Church that is totally misconstrued, misguided and misinformed, where spiritual witchcraft and biblical, ignorance are in abundance” He went on that we have “a Church today that is preaching JESUS and a message to get rich and get   healed   theology”.   The   learned   Gentle   man  drew attention to Paul’s warning to Christians, that there will be terrible times in fast days.  People will be lovers of money, boastful,    proud,    abusive disobedient to their parents,   ungrateful,  unholy,   without lovers of good, treacherous, rush, conceited, lovers of pleasure, rather than lovers of God” Dr. Sir Ekeke went on and on In a dramatic candid portrayal of what we have today as Christian Churches: “what we have today is a Church that is preaching and teaching another Gospel, another JESUS and a message of get rich and healed theology” He ended with these words: “prosperity teachers are preaching arrogance, foolishness, sin, and false doctrines”.

This writer has always averred that the Gospel of the flesh which the so called ‘Men and Women of God, are using to confuse, psychologically manipulate and sometimes abuse our people in need, is miles and miles away from the message of and ideology of total Love of God, Save of others and devotion to the things which lead people to God’s heaven after the life on earth. After reading Dr. Ekeke’s prophetic diagnosis of the devilish prosperity Gospel this writer devoted time to watch the articulations of the false prophets on television, and listened to them haranguing on radio. One became more alarmed at the total absence of the messages of our LORD JESUS-CHRIST from the ideology of the Christianity of the flesh being propagated by these people, It was all the sacrilegious twisting of the Bible to good people to worship at the altar of mammon of ‘Miraculous healings of illnesses, attraction of wealth and positions, The worst part of their sermons which should make our JESUS to weep again, is the incitement of their followers against their relations and others. The terrible visions which accuse Mothers, Fathers Uncles and others of being responsible for their relations ill health and ill luck which breeds mistrust and hatred carry the cake of a devil’s Christianity. In contrast to this Gospel of the Designer Churches our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Founder of Christianity gave His followers simple and unambiguous guidelines to His followership. Firstly our LORD advised: “If anyone wants to be a follower of mine let him renounce himself take up my cross every day, and follow me” Matthew Chapter 16 Verses 24-25, He went on so do not worry about tomorrow, set your hearts on His Kingdom first, and his Righteousness and all other things will be added to you as well” Matthew (Chapter 6 Verses 14-34).

Our LORD JESUS preached love and not incitement to distrust and hatred. In the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 22 Verses 35-40 He emphasized the love of God and neighbor as the sum neighbor as yourself”. One wonders whether the incitement from the false visions which project people’s relations as witches and wizards is in accordance with Christ’s Christianity. True Christianity is total abandonment of the follower’s life to the things of Gad. In John Chapter 12 Verses 25 our LORD warned: Anyone who loves his life loses it, anyone who hates his life in this world will keep it for the eternal life. In Luke Chapter 14 Verses 33, Our LORD declared: “So in this way none of you can be my disciple unless he gives up all his possessions.” This is the fundamental Christianity as opposed to the ‘Designer’ Christianity of the prosperity Gospel. However, true Christians should not be worried over the crisis of Christianity introduced by the false prophets of our time. He gave us sufficient warnings in the scriptures. Powerful false prophets who will command a wall to move will arise in the last days. In the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 24 Verses 11-14, our LORD warned: “Many false prophets will arise, they will deceive many”. Dr. Eke’s revelations that “Millions of Nigerian Christians are now victims of Satanic Churches and their false prophets”. That the prosperity Gospel is destroying the Nigerian Society- families, Homes etcetera is a fact staring ail thinking true Christians in the face. True Christians should regard the learned gentleman’s revelations as a divine warning. As we have always repeated, the Designer prosperity Gospel which replaces the Christ of the cross with the Christ of Wives, Children money, Husbands and positions is not the Christianity of our LORD JESUS CHRIST who asked us to carry His cross and follow Him. It is paganism. It is a super imposition of heathen ideology and practices for deception and manipulation. True Christians should be warned, to avoid eternal doom.

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