Menace of Keke operators

The emergence of tricycle operators, aka keke, in Owerri as a fitting substitute for the inglorious era of “okada” motorcycle operators appears not to have met the expectations of the people. Instead of erasing the sad memories of the ‘Inaga’ era it has given multiplier effect to the scourge unleashed on the polity.

Their appearance on the road seems to have introduced more chaos on the road than order. Motorists, in a bid to avoid them as they meander through every space, run into difficulty and dent their cars as well as those of other road users.

The raging menace now caused by Keke drivers has left a sour tale in the mouth, especially as the drivers, since they appear out of control of the traffic wardens and other law-enforcement agencies, run riot in their mad rush to grab passengers to the detriment of other road users.

At various times, the drivers have been enjoined to embrace the spirit of the times which calls for discipline.  It appears, however, that some of them are still recalcitrant.

Their menace has risen to a crescendo that calls for the attention of the state authorities which thought it fit to halt the incidence of crime and accident –related cases caused by their inaga predecessors in order to improve their standard of living by providing them enduring means of livelihood.

The perceived rascality of some of the drivers calls for the attention of their union to embark on seminars and workshops at which forum those not yet attuned to the spirit of the times are groomed and properly guided.

Our fervent appeal is for sanity to reign in the operation of this mode of transportation in the interest of commuters who pass through stress because the keke drivers do not show discipline and decorum in traffic.

We are also bringing up this issue to call the operators to order so that the authorities are not forced to take a stern action as they did in the case of the okada operators. A clampdown on them might worsen the already bad situation of commuters in the metropolis. A stitch in time saves nine.


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