Clubs may lose points

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has warned clubs they may face point deductions if their fans are found guilty of racial abuse.

The ugly world of racism has reared its head in a number of high profile incidents of late, with the most recent occurrence coming out of Italy when Kevin-Prince Boateng led an AC Milan walk-off following racist behaviour from fans during a friendly.

Bulgaria and Hungary were also recently ordered to play a friendly match behind closed doors due to racist incidents in the respective countries, but Blatter feels a more harsh approach should be taken in order to stamp out the problem.

“I think we can never do enough to eradicate all the racism in football,” Blatter told Sky Sports.

“We have already tried and you have given, in Great Britain, the best example of how to eradicate violence in football with the modern stadia, with the controls and education that this is the one thing.

“I think a more radical solution would be deduction of points. Deduction of points would have a better impact on that than any other sanction.”


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