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Okigwe Women Ministries give loans to widows

Interest-fre loans and welfare packages were recently given to scores of widows and less-previleged women in the Anglican Diocese of Okigwe under the auspices of the Mercy Ministry of the Okigwe

Diocesan Women Ministries at St Barnaba’s Cathedral Okigwe.

The president of the Okigwe Diocesan Women’s Ministries, Lady C.C. Osuegbu (Mama Okigwe) disclosed that the next edition of the event would be held at Archdeaconry level saying that the reason for the shift is to ensure that all widows and indigent ones benefited from the scheme.

The theme of the conference was, “from whence cometh my help” (Psalm 121:1) which was ably exposed by Mrs Chinwe Ezirim , wife of former Bishop of Aba Ngwa North.

Delivering his talk, Rev. Maxwell Emersowum, an Agricultural Technology graduate, urged the widows and the less-priveleged to utilize their loans in agricultural ventures such as poultry, and pineapple production, plantain production assuring those interested of his free services.

The annual event was well attended by women from all the parishes and stations in the diocese apart from the benefiting widows.


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