Rescue Imo from kidnappers

Despite the measures and outfit set up by the Imo State Government to check kidnapping in the state, the trend has increased in frequency and intensity in recent times.

Instructively, some of the victims are close aides of either the state governor or his deputy which makes the situation more frightening given that ordinarily, these high profile officers are expected to be under regular security surveillance.

The conclusion to be drawn is that the security strategy in place is ineffective if kidnappers can operate with such ease even at the corridors of power, as it were.

It becomes imperative that government and security agencies have to re-strategise and go the whole hog to understudy the strategy applied in Abia State that has drastically reduced the phenomenon there.

The consequences of identifying Imo as a zone where kidnapping thrives are dire, the most worrisome being that investors are scared of doing business in Imo State while those already in the state are bound to take flight.

Such a situation exacerbates the pervasive unemployment among the youths in the state which has been fingered as the canon fodder for kidnapping and other vices.

This is just not good for a state reputed for churning out the highest number of school leavers in Nigeria which automatically translates to the truth that the state has one of the highest concentrations of unemployed youths in the nation with its unpalatable implications.

It is our strong view, therefore, that whatever the state government has to do to rescue Imo citizens from the hostage by kidnappers, has to be done now.





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