Politicians can’t fight corruption -Rtd Army general By Gid Ahanonu

A retired army general and a  prominent knight in the Anglican Communion has lamented the pervasive corruption in Nigeria which he said the politicians lack the will to stamp not as he recommended drastic action against it because “terrible problems need terrible solutions”.

Speaking in Owerri recently after the presidential address of the President, Owerri Council of Knights, Sir Israel Ekezie at the council’s 2013 chapter, the President-General, national Joint Council of knights, Church of Nigeria, Sir Dr. Benjamin Aisien noted that Nigeria is unmanageable and incorrigible as he fell short of recommending capital punishment for corruption.

Sir Aisien who is a retired military general as well as the president Benin Council of Knights, however, maintained that Nigeria’s enormous problems could be solved by genuine Christians through attitude and thinking.

He highly commended the Owerri Council of Knight under the leadership of Sir Ekezie whom he described as a “giant” adding that the council has a lot to bequeath to other councils, stressing also that the council’s high performance is attributable to the support of the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha, PhD.

In his contribution, the chairman of the occasion, Sir Mike Ahamba, SAN, urged Nigerians above 55 years to lead the crusade to restore Nigeria to its past glory  arguing that “it is only those who saw the glory that can restore them”

Dwelling on the theme of the president’s address, Sir Ahamba posited that the battle grounds for soldiers of Christ are the home, market places, work places and everyone adding that every Christian ought to start fighting the enemy from his home.

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