Today is Mothering Sunday Mama Owerre to preach at St Michael’s and All Angels, New Owerri By Our Reporter

The annual mothering Sunday celebration in Christian churches has been described as an “opportunity” to appreciate our mothers in a special way”.

In her Mothering Sunday message for 2013, the president, Women’s Ministries of the Anglican Diocese of Owerri, Dr. (Mrs.) Eunice Okorocha, also noted  that it is “:a time for husbands to review how they practically show love to their wives in word and action”.

“They may also review how they have been assisting their wives in the upbringing of their children”, she submitted, adding that “the Bible encourages husbands to sincerely love their wives if they want their prayers to be answered”.

Dr (Mrs) Okorocha therefore submitted that a husband and wife should complement each other, not to compete with each other.

Expatiating on the theme of this year’s celebration, “persevere in the Christian faith”, Mrs Okorocha identified mothers who persevere as wise and proceeded to list six important spheres of such perseverance including perseverance in the Christian race, perseverance, in caring for husbands and children, perseverance in righteousness and truth, among others.

She then listed the biblical Eunice and Mrs Wesley as those who should serve women as models as they had brought up their children in the ways of the Lord.

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