Bishop urges Knights to participate in governance By Nick Chibunna

The Anglican Bishop of Okigwe South, Rt. Rev. David O.C. Onuoha, has urged knights and other Christians to actively participate in governance in order to sanitize the polity.

Presenting a paper recently with the title “Knighthood in today’s church” at a three-day retreat by knights and ladies of Ikeduru at Bishop Cockin’s Church Centre (BCCC), Atta, Bishop Onuoha also called on all knights in the various Christian denominations to lead the crusade to make Nigeria a better place for all to live in.

He lamented what he referred to as “the deteriorating value system among Nigerians” which he said has set Nigeria on “a perilous” time.

The Bishop counseled knights, as defenders of the Christian faith and builders and evangelists to think more of their responsibilities and obligations and to be less concerned about sitting in the front pews and the prefix “Sir” attached to their names.

Bishop Onuoha advised Knights to shun all forms of corruption, occult practices and inordinate ambition so that they can positively impact on the society to get rid of spiritual slumber, moral decadence, same-sex marriage and other vices.

He equally advised Knights in the diaspora not to forget their home churches just as he advised them to also meet their obligations to their present places of worship.

On national issues, the prelate condemned the selective judgements by the Nigerian judiciary advocating for stiff punishment such as forfeiture of all property and life imprisonment for those who embezzle public funds.

On the impending celebration of Nigeria’s 100 years of nationhood, Bishop Onuoha said it is worth celebrating, imploring all Nigerians, irrespective of tribe and religion, to rise to the challenges confronting Nigeria since 1914 including the present insecurity.



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