APGA factional leader dumps Ikemba for Azikiwe

The newly-elected national Chairman of Governor Obi’s faction of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Maxi Okwu, has hinted his preference for Zik’s brand of moderate politics to what he termed “the extremist stance” of late Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu(Ikemba), the pioneer leader of APGA.

In his address after his election at the congress held by his faction of the party in Awka, Chief Okwu, the son of a prominent Eastern Nigeria minister under late Zik, late Chief B.C. Okwu, said his faction of APGA will adopt a new philosophy modeled on Zik’s brand of politics.

“Zik was known for not blowing too hot on political issues, he was neither an extremist and that philosophy will guide APGA henceforth”, Chief Okwu said adding that the reality of the time demanded it as against “Ojukwu’s seeming extremist stance in matters concerning Ndigbo”.

In an ironical twist, the Awka convention sponsored by the Anambra State Governor, Mr Peter Obi and which derived its authority from Enugu High Court ruling deposing the national chairman, Chief Victor Umeh, had a ring of unconstitutionality as an Enugu Appeal Court, a superior court, over-ruled the lower court decision and re-instated Chief Umeh as national chairman of APGA the same day the factional convention was held.

While Ojukwu was being indicted by the new APGA factional chairman, Chief Umeh, as part of celebration for his appeal court victory, headed to late Ikemba’s tomb in Nnewi with his supporters to appeal to the late leader’s spirit to guide him till final victory.

Chief Umeh claimed that late Ikemba came to him in a dream 12 days earlier urging him not to be deterred by all opposition, as according to him, he would triumph at last.


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