How Church leaders aid kidnapping

As governments and concerned citizens in the nation continue to search for a permanent solution to the evil of kidnapping, a cleric has pointed accusing fingers at some church leaders for promoting the crime.

Rev. Agbai Okpa Agwu, president of the Unity Church of Practical Christianity of Nigeria (UCPN), said that kidnapping is thriving in the country because the church has chosen to preach materialism instead of righteousness and solution.

Rev. Agwu was speaking during his investiture as the new president of the church at Uzuakoki, Bende in Abia State.

He regretted that the prosperity teachings have made people to be materially- minded today.

“Kidnapping is thriving in parts of the country because people are materially- minded.  The church is not helping matters because present day pastors have chosen to be preaching materialism instead of righteousness and salvation”, he said.

The UCPN president cautioned that no amount of deployment of soldiers would solve the problem unless the people’s minds are re-oriented to leave evil.

Speaking on the menace of Boko Haram in the North, Rev. Agwu said that for the proposed amnesty to succeed, members of the sect must first repent and stop bombing churches and establishments.

According to him, unless this happens, the amnesty programme might be a futile exercise.


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