‘Guru Maharaji’ man in police custody …For keeping mum’s corpse in his wardrobe for 10 years

In what looked like the return of the “Otokoto” saga, in the state, the police command last Thursday 9th of May, 2013, apprehended a 64-year old man, Mr Chimezie of Ejemekwuru in Oguta local government area for alleged ritual practices with the corpse of his 74 year old mother, Mrs. Lucy for ten years.

Briefing newsmen at the scene of the incident, the commissioner of police, Mr Mohammed Katsina said the command ambush squad raided Chimezie’s house and discovered the remains of his late mother, Lucy, in a wardrobe in his room.

Mr Katsina said the accused who had in 2003 allegedly declared the mother missing, embalmed her corpse and had been using her remains for ritual purposes.

The commissioner of police disclosed that a preliminary assessment at the scene of the crime showed that the deceased must have been murdered adding that one of his mandate on posting was to make Imo State crime free.  He warned criminals to stay clear of Imo State in their own interest.

Answering reporters question, Chimezie admitted that the skeleton is that of his mother, whom he said died in her sleep in 2003 and that he has been using her remains for ‘protective’ purposes.

Chimezie who had earlier conducted newsmen around his shrine also showed them a chair folded with red materials which he called a “hot seat”, pointing out that anybody who sat on it was bound to confess to issues at stake.

The accused clad in jumper and shorts is a retired school teacher and of the Guru Maharaji sect insisted that his mother died of cancer.

Some indigenes of the community who spoke to newsmen condemned the act and wondered why the accused should bring shame to their community known for its peaceful disposition.

Meanwhile, the police said its investigation would continue for more facts and prosecution.



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