Reflection: That tree of death By Rev Canon Echi Nwogu

Fallen tree in a market square in Umudagu Mbieri Imo state kills 31 and injures 16 at 8.00pm on the evening of sudden death from the blues. Oh death you have no respect and you never overlook any mistake or human carelessness. You death, people will continue to die at your hands but your day is coming and you too will die and terrorize no more.

This is an eye opener for other landmark trees sacred or not. Check them out now and safely cut them down before they follow the way of all living things of planet earth. Amoeba, mosquito, caterpillar, butterfly, the locust and grasshopper, the canary, the eagle, the elephant, the tiger, and man in the animal kingdom or algae, grass, hibiscus, pawpaw, the iroko, the oak or cherry and cashew or cola tree all have an expiry date either by the murderous actions of the sons of men or by the vagaries of nature of by the natural fate of all living things – they come up beautiful in the morning and by night they whither and die and are trodden upon by the feet of men, they disintegrate and return to mother earth to fuel and feed other life forms to sprout, feed on, grow and die again at their own time. Cycles of life it is – some short, some long but sure the end must come for each, for so is life till eternity comes.

May the soul of the suddenly departed be at rest and may the living relations be comforted. God is not unmindful of our pains and sorrows. His economy is often difficult to understand and there are times “When God Does Not Make Sense” to ordinary mortals.



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