Baby factory palaver: Landlords spoil for action

The landlords of the twin storey building recently demolished by the Imo State government for habouring a baby factory in Umuaka, Imo State is up in arms threatening to take the Imo State government to court for what it considered an illegal action.

“There is no law in the country or in the state that stipulates that the owner of a property must suffer for the alleged crimes of the tenant”, a spokesperson of the owners of the property, Mrs Ifeoma Ihezie, declared before journalists in Owerri last week.

The family therefore called on the Imo State government to rebuild the structure or face legal action.

She argued that the owner of the baby factory had rented a flat to run her maternity and hospital out of the six flats in the property.

She contended that the proprietor of the baby factory was not the owner of the property and alleged that the police forcefully ejected other tenants of the premises, rendering them homeless.

Mrs Ihesie further accused the police of not advising Governor Okorocha properly with regard to where the pregnant girls were found as she reiterated that the family was set to take the state government to court if the structure was not rebuilt.

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