Fulani herdsmen another Boko Haram –Primate

The Primate of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria, Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, has warned against the menace of the Fulani herdsmen which if not contained immediately would pose a more deadly problem than Boko Haram.

Exchanging views with the visiting Lord Mayor of London, Rt. Hon. Michael Roger Gifford recently, Archbishop Okoh warned that “if government does not do something quickly enough they are going to be more formidable than Boko Haram”.

The primate noted that the herdsmen now go around with AK47 “terrorizing people, raping women, killing farmers and allowing their cows to destroy crops and every thing”.

He recalled that when he and like minds raised the alarm over Boko Haram when it was still at its embryonic stage that they were “looked upon as those eating up the system”.

Most Rev. Okoh conceded that Christian leaders are under great pressure from their members especially from the Pentecostals to respond to the unprovoked attacks against Christians by Boko Haram.

According to him, Christian leaders of the conventional denominations like the Anglicans, Catholics and others have resisted this because “we have not been taught that killing is a way of resolving issues; it has never been a part of our catechism”.

In his words; “we are telling our people, please don’t do so because of the overall interest and existence of Nigeria; don’t let us behave like the people who are attacking us, they are short-sighted”.



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