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Love, Sex and Lasting Relationship By Rev Canon & Mrs Chinemerem Uche How I fell into the trap of adultery 4

When the morning came, the temple carpentry staff was around to inspect the upper room and begin work immediately. Just as I was about attending to him, my Chief of Army Staff walked in with an urgent message and so I suspended the project, asking him to be on the alert in case I have need to recall him to work. Our troops have been on the alert to take some territories that should have been ours.  My Chief of Army Staff came to tell me that there was need to begin the offensive as the enemy line has been heavily beefed up by some other nations forming a somewhat formidable alliance. My presence was needed to booster the morale of our troops.  His presence meant I had to polish my armor again and go for war. After the briefing, I had a hectic time convincing my Commander-in-Chief that I was not in the best psychological state to join the war. This was not a lie because I had already made up my mind to summon the woman whose bathroom was exposed to my residence with a view to making her comply with my adulterous advances. I wasn’t psychologically fit for sure, because I was already fighting a battle with my flesh and spirit.  My flesh had already won and taken me captive, and so how could I have had courage to pray with the troops and speak with courage to them?  The truth is that sexual sin makes the strongest of warriors and saints faint in the face of the adversary. My Chief of Army Staff was becoming stubbornly persuasive and I had to remind him that I was the commander-in-Chief and so I ordered him to execute the war with a written power of attorney from the palace secretary.

When the Chief of Army Staff left, I immediately called the palace keeper to send my wives and children away to the inner courtyard of the residence until the war was over. Before my wives left, one of them, the youngest, to be precise, came in unannounced to ask why the order was quick and that she thought I was going to war. I was so furious with her that I ordered her out immediately. One symptom of adultery I noticed was that a man begins to feel that another woman other than the wife would have been far better for a company and wife.  The man sometimes discovers that while fostering the thought of sleeping with another woman, he gets aggressive with his wife and finds her company uninteresting. This was what just happened to me.  I noticed that my wives no longer were an attraction to me, not because they were not attractive but because my fleshy passions have made me to believe a lie that the other woman had something my own wives never had.  When I succeeded in sending every distraction to my evil plans out, I settled down to hatch my plans.

I called my driver in and instructed him, “There is a woman who shares common boundary with us towards the western side, can you please ask her to see me by 10PM today?”

“Oga, wetin you talk, make I tell that woman make she come see you for 10 O clock for night, e get as e be naa, you know say people they use you talk, talkless of when them come see you with another man’s wife for 10 O clock.” “Sharap!”  I thundered in rage, “I am the King here, I mean well for her, do I look like an irresponsible man to you?” “No my lord, is just that the woman na the wife of that your soldier, you no naa, that one wey no de take ear hear say somebody de talk to you any how…” “My friend, go and do what I have told you to do and stop enlightening me with what I already know.”  I had a very close rapour with my driver, and so I was not surprised at his comments. Though uneducated but he has been very loyal and useful. Without much ado, the woman was already at my residence. I finally slept with her and she left very early in the morning before the cock-crow. My staff knew about this but they pretended they didn’t know.

The questions I want to raise today are: Do you also blame this woman for acceding to my request to commit adultery with her, do you think she could have prevented this or was she powerless? Do you think a man’s secret escapades are totally hidden from his staff especially people like his driver, secretary or gateman?  Do you think that your children cannot decode your clandestine moves even though they wear innocent faces? What is the lesson here for us? We will love to hear from you so as to be of help to people who might need support in this matter. (08064961010)

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