NANS asked to lead crusade against cultism By Our Reporter

An Anglican Bishop has called on the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) to lead the crusade against cultism and all manner of violence.

The Bishop, Rt. Rev. David Onuoha, of Okigwe South Diocese, made the call in his message to Nigerian Children who celebrated their International Children’s Day last Monday.

He urged youths to take their destiny in their hands but advised against violence along this line.

According to him, ‘it is certain that through peaceful resistance and sponsoring of bills in the legislature, Nigerian youths can preserve a future for themselves.

“If the recent information form the Federal Bureau of Statistics, which shows that youths constitute 70 percent of the Nigerian population is anything to go by, it then shows that this country belongs more to the youths”, the Prelate said.

He wondered what NANS is doing to preserve a future for the youths, comparing the present situation to that of pre independence when students played a role in the struggle against colonial rule.

Bishop Onuoha, who is secretary to the Nigerian House of Anglican Bishops, urged the students association to halt the plundering of the country.

He was disturbed that many were simply watching as the country was systematically being impoverished while a few persons appropriate the nation’s commonwealth.

The Bishop blamed much of the nation’s woes on old politicians who are being recycled endlessly in power, urging them to leave honorably.

“These old hands have been recycled for too long.  They have nothing new to offer Nigeria and Nigerian youths”, he stated.

According to him, youth employment is a time bomb that is waiting to explode.  He urged the youths to take their rightful place in the nation and condemned the creation of youth wings in political parties with the aim of using them for hatchet jobs.

All these have foisted on the youths the ignoble behaviour of thuggery, armed robbery, kidnapping, suicide bombing and other vices, he argued.


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